Unique Matzah Tray with Textured Matzah Design – Perfect for Passover!

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This Matzah Tray is the perfect way to serve your favorite Matzah dishes. It features a unique texture that mimics the look and feel of real Matzah, making it a great conversation piece. The tray is also durable and easy to clean, making it a great addition to any kitchen. Its unique design and texture make it a great gift for any occasion.


This Matzah Tray is the perfect way to bring a traditional touch to your Passover table. Handcrafted from wood, this tray features a unique matzah texture that will add a special touch to your holiday celebration. The tray is designed to hold up to six pieces of matzah, making it ideal for serving your family and friends.

The tray is also designed with convenience in mind. The raised edges help keep the matzah in place.Β This Matzah Tray is a great way to add a special touch to your Passover table. The unique matzah texture and convenient design make it a must-have for any holiday celebration. With its durable construction and easy-to-clean design, this tray is sure to be a favorite for years to come.

The matzah tray is a beautiful addition to your Passover dinner table. It’s also the perfect gift to give family or friends during this joyous holiday. It makes for a gift that is both stylish and practical. On each of the four sides, the word Χ€Χ‘Χ— (Pesach) is carved.

🍯 Size is 10″ Wide, 10″ Long, 1″ high. Interior is 8″x8″x.75″
🍯 Locally sourced and sustainable
🍯 Hand cut, sanded, lovingly made
🍯 Beautiful design features an inscription of Χ€Χ‘Χ— (Pesach)
🍯 Easy way to make sure you have plenty of matza at your seder
🍯 Serve different, traditional Jewish food on it
🍯 Great place for serving seder foods
🍯 A beautiful custom gift for shabbat celebrations
❓ What are you waiting for?

Contact me if you would like to personalize your matzah tray. We embrace the beauty of the different wood species, with its many tones, knots, grain patterns and natural imperfections.


βœ… In order to keep your challah board conditioned and always looking good, I will include a can of my board butter free!

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Cherry, Walnut

4 reviews for Unique Matzah Tray with Textured Matzah Design – Perfect for Passover!

  1. Caron (verified owner)

    Just love it. A beautiful piece!

  2. Hollis (verified owner)

    Here is a Matzah tray that in the center of it looks and feels like Matzah – at least as uch as is possible with wood.

  3. Denesha (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. We bought it for ourselves but we will probably order future ones as gifts.

  4. Debby (verified owner)

    Where else can you find a Matzah Tray like this? Nowhere, that’s for sure.

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