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Unique Wooden Seder Plates for a Memorable Passover

Looking for the perfect new wooden seder plate to replace your old plastic or metal one? While you might think that all seder plates are alike, there are actually many different kinds of seder plates on the market today, each with its own unique way of commemorating Passover and its central foodstuffs.

What is a Passover Seder?

A Passover seder is a ceremonial meal observed on the first two nights of Passover. Its purpose is to remind Jews of their liberation from slavery in Egypt after more than four centuries. To hold a seder, you need a Haggadah, which contains a scriptural explanation of all aspects of Passover and customs to follow during dinner. The seder plate is another important component. It contains special food items including: matzah, zeroah (shank bone), an egg, bitter herbs and karpas (cooked vegetable). The ultimate goal of Judaism is to not just perform rituals but also to understand them and make them relevant in one’s life today.

One of the most important components of Passover is that it commemorates one’s freedom from slavery. It also marks an event when God led his people out of Egypt to Israel. Holding and celebrating Passover is synonymous with giving thanks to God and breaking free from oppression.

This only makes it even more important that you don’t forget to hold your annual seder dinner with your loved ones! Thankfully, there are plenty of options available in terms of seder plates, so you can have a seder plate that is designed specially according to your specifications. You will truly be able to enjoy it because it’s as personalized as can be!

What is on the seder plate and what does it symbolize?

Each of the six items on the plate has significance to the story of Passover. The shank bone represents symbolizes the sacrifice of a lamb whose blood was painted on the doorway of enslaved Israelites houses so that God would pass over that house during the tenth plague

  • The zeroah (shank bone) is wrapped in its appropriate number of karpas leaves and set above maror (bitter herbs), which is dipped into charoset. Charoset symbolizes mortar used by Jewish slaves to build Egyptian cities – i.e., Jews were slaves building and strengthening their oppressors’ power.
  • The roasted egg, or beitzah, is symbolic of the ancient sacrifice that was offered at the Temple in Jerusalem. In contemporary homes, the egg represents family continuity. Traditionally, each person at the table cracks open their own egg, to symbolize that we must each be individually responsible for our actions. As an alternative to cracking eggs with your hands (which are messy), it’s nice to have a tray on which to place the eggs after you’ve broken them open. The egg also represents spring and rebirth.
  • The salt water represents the tears of the enslaved Israelites. It serves as a reminder that the sacrifices of Jews throughout history have often been made with little thanks or recognition. The salt water is also symbolic of the tears shed during slavery and persecution, but those tears were transformed into sweet redemption when Jews were freed from their oppressors.
  • Bitter herbs symbolizing the bitterness harshness of the slavery in Egypt. The maror is dipped into charoset and eaten at the seder meal to remind Jews of the bitter taste of slavery in Egypt. At some seders, maror and chazeret are placed in two separate dishes with two sets of matzah and maror placed on them.
  • Bitter herbs are placed above and below to cover all aspects of slavery and freedom. An etrog (citron) represents rejoicing in our deliverance as well as hoping for peace for all in years to come. All six items are a part of every traditional seder plate, though we may choose to leave out specific foods based on dietary restrictions or personal preference.
  • Karpas is a vegetable other than bitter herbs representing hope and renewal. A reminder that spring will soon come, just as new life comes to those who observe Passover. Vegetables should be crisp, fresh and appealing to all members of your family. Karpas can be raw or cooked, but should not be overly salty or peppery. Good choices include baby carrots, shredded carrots, celery sticks or cucumber chunks.

Some families serve multiple varieties of maror, including beet leaves, horseradish or other sharp spices. Other families have an exchange or roll call during which each person reads off one item on their plate – either out loud or just mentally – making sure everyone gets all six elements represented. Why is that?

There are lots of things you can do differently with your seder plate depending on how observant you want to be. What matters most is taking some time this week to enjoy this special celebration.

Seder Plate as Judaica

The seder plate is one of Judaism’s central ceremonial items. Traditional plates are made of silver, but you can also buy gold or even pewter plates. On our shop, we only use wood to create these items. The seder plate contains symbols that tell the story of Passover and recall rituals associated with it. Because the plates are personalized, they make ideal gifts for any occasion—or just to treat yourself! Just like any art form, Judaica can be used as an outlet to express oneself freely and uniquely. Thanks to modern technology and fine craftsmanship, here at Seeds of Tradition you can find wooden seder plates that aren’t easily found anywhere else!

My unique Seder plates

My seder plates are beautifully designed, as well as, personalized for every occasion. I offer custom-made seder plates for your every need and desire. No matter what you’re looking for, you can bet that I have something to fit your specific needs and wants. I create a product that is not only one of a kind but also unique to your family’s preferences. No matter what you’re looking for, the custom seder plates are sure to be perfect for any occasion.

Every seder plate that we sell is one of a kind. What does that mean? Each and every seder plate that you purchase is completely unique to your personal preferences.

There is no reason to ever settle for an ordinary seder plate again when you can have custom designed products that will last generations. When you purchase a custom seder plate from me you not only get something completely unique but also something incredibly special. All of my wooden products are created by me, and I make sure to pay extra attention to every detail! Not only do I use top quality local wood to create these products, but I also take great care in making sure that all of the products are finished flawlessly!

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