Challah Board

With a beautiful challah board, you can have an extra special Shabbat table set-up – one that’s both inviting and meaningful.

My heirloom quality Shabbat Challah Boards can be personalized to create a unique board not found in big box stores.

✅ Handcrafted from solid organic Cherry, Walnut or Both!
✅Locally sourced and sustainable
✅Hand cut, sanded, lovingly made
✅Each board comes with rubber feet to prevent any scratches to the board or a table
✅Beautiful design features an inscription of Hamotzi blessing in Hebrew
✅ All boards can be personalized
✅A beautiful custom gift for housewarming and shabbat celebrations
✅ All boards come with a FREE Board Butter wood conditioner
❓What are you waiting for?

Click here for information on how to take care of your challah board.


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